Energy: Work smarter, not harder

  • Encourage energy use reductions by increasing home insulation requirements in new homes and offer credits for certified improvements to existing homes
  • Set renewable energy infrastructure goals for state utilities
  • Insure that our infrastructure is ready for the changes to power supply and demand
  • <Market forces and deregulation by Mike Couick>

Modernize the SC Senate: no pain, no gain

  • Make sure that the business of the SC Senate is done efficiently, effectively, and within the parameters of the the SC Constitution.
  • Just because the physical building is closed because of COVID-19 does not mean legislative sessions can not continue virtually.

Technology: If you build it, business will come

Education: Our future is in Kindergarten

  • The future of SC is currently in our Public & Private Education System. Our children will be the leaders of the future and their education today will is key to how SC succeeds in the future.
  • Increase ingenuity in education by giving teachers and schools the tools, support, and compensation needed to create effective and fulfilling life long careers
  • Strong education systems attract businesses
  • Empower families to engage in the education of their students by collaborating with churches, social networks, and community groups