_DSC0331As a mother, I am running for the South Carolina State Treasurer to ensure that South Carolina is ready for the future. For the last 14 years I have worked in public accounting and have seen first hand the challenges and rewards of proper planning.  I want to work hard to prepare South Carolina for a financially stable future.

The main reason I’m running for SC Treasurer in 2018 is because I want voters to have options when they go to the polls.  I want voters to know they have a choice and that one of their choices is already a public servant.  As a certified public accountant (CPA) I take an oath annually to be honest, ethical,  objective, confidential, and professional.  In my professional life business owners, families, and not-for-profit organizations have trusted me to prepare accurate financial reports, provide advice on questions of business development, assist with tax planning and preparation, and address notices from state and federal agencies.  This experience provides me with appropriate understanding in financial systems to excel in the position of SC State Treasurer.

In asking you to vote for me I am asking you to extend the same trust that so many others have already given.   This trust is important to me and that is why I have decided to run as an American Party candidate.  Under the American Party banner I have the freedom to choose what is best for my constituents.  I’m here to work for South Carolina and that’s what I plan to do.


A little more of my political experience as a pioneer of hard sourced information: One website, so much information

This isn’t my first election.  In 2016 I ran as a write in candidate for the SC General Assembly.  If you’re at all curious here is a little bit more about my background: Former milkmaid with international experience seeks unconventional election as write in candidate…

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Though being a multi-millionaire would help me finance my campaign… alas, I am not a multi-millionaire.  If you have a dollar to spare, please consider sponsoring me in my bid for SC State Treasurer with a DONATION.on the steps