Working to Restore Trust

Former milkmaid with international experience seeks unconventional election as write in candidate…


Yes, I used to milk cows.

Yes, I was an intern in the British Houses of Parliament

Yes, I am seeking election as a write-in candidate for SC State House District 47

These are some things that people don’t know about me but they help shape my perspective of how the world works. I know what the world looks like from the back end of a cow. I know what the world looks like from the top of Big Ben. I have hope in the future and I want to be a catalyst for change.

When I was in college I needed funds for all the things that college kids need money for: gas, tuition, books, beer, and Christmas presents. I liked the idea of working in fast food but didn’t want to work in a restaurant. I needed something close to the house so I wasn’t putting all my money into the “gas” slice of the paycheck pie.

I grew up in a rural area of Ohio in between Akron, Youngstown, and Cleveland and farm sarah-milkingwork was the closest thing to my back door. My dad told me to go to the farm up the road and tell them I’d like to milk cows. I doubted they would hire me. The only cow experience I’d ever had was dancing around my cousins as they got their show steers ready for the fair. Yet, I was curious, and desperate for a job. They gave me an application and told me to start the next afternoon! I was over the moon, much like the cow in the nursery rhyme. Hence, I began my college job as summer and winter break milkmaid.

It has been a long time since I was a milkmaid but what I learned about the personalities of cows, I can relate to the personalities of people. We are all unique, with our own quirks, preferences, and points of view. Just like it takes more than one cow to make enough milk to take to market, we all must do our part to prepare for the future and make the world run from day to day.

Portcullis.jpgSo, you may ask, how did the country bumpkin find herself as a political intern in the House of Parliament? When it comes down to it, I had awesome teachers. These teachers did this crazy thing: they planted ideas in my brain, and just like that, these ideas grew and grew. I knew what I wanted and with the help of my teachers, I laid the stones that got me where I wanted to be. I was an intern in Parliament when Tony Blair and George W. Bush were making the case to invade Iraq. My mom was worried about me traveling to Crete, Greece for spring break because I would be closer to war than to

Isn’t it interesting how the world changes in 13 years? Now refugees flood the beaches of Mediterranean Islands in a desperate attempt to flee the violence that has come careening down on them. As a mother myself I now know my mother’s worry and I know the worry of those who are seeking peace.

Now, what would bring a country bumpkin, who interned in the House of Parliament to SC to run for State House? Well, truth be told: Love. I met this guy (Ryan) while I was working on my master’s degree. He was smart and funny and he kept calling me. He got a job in Charlotte and asked me to marry him. Once I finished school, I did marry him and moved to South Carolina so that we could start our family. As a transplant I’ve learned a lot about the South. I’ve also seen how quickly this area is changing. My children only know South Carolina as home. I’d like to help prepare South Carolina for their future and that is why I am running for South Carolina State House District 47.

Here is more about why I’m running: (70% of SC State House Reps are unchallenged).  However, if you like my story, share my goals, and are in my district, please write me in as your State House Representative.