Working to Restore Trust

Campaign Crew Needed!

Part of campaigning is allowing people to learn more about who you are and what has brought you to this point in your life.  I’ve posted blog articles before about my milkmaid experience and my time as an intern in the British Houses of Parliament and Project Vote Smart.  These experiences have all been exciting and gratifying adventures that I have had as an individual. 

CampaigDIII DVG 2004ning, however, is not an individual endeavor.  Campaigning is a team effort.  I know a bit about team work: for four years (except the one semester I was in London) I was on the Marietta College Women’s Division III Crew Team. 

Many people understand the communal triumph and heartache that comes with being a member of a team.  Yet, with Crew, the union, the bond between rowers in the same boat is magnified 8 times over.  There is a magic to rowing that is accomplished only with long hours of working together.  Rowing in unison with seven others in a toothpick shaped boat down a river or over a lake, is not accomplished overnight.  Learning to drive the oars into the water together and pushing again and again until you cross the finish line takes patience, practice, and perseverance.

One of the greatest achievements of my young adult life was being a part of the Division III Dad Vail Women’s Varsity Eight Gold Medal Crew.  This was the last race of my collegiate career and the one thing I remember about the race was holding nothing back, giving all my energy and strength to the river. DIII DVG May 2004

Now looking forward as a candidate for political office and pouring time and energy into running I realize now, more than ever, that I need crew mates.  I need your help, in whatever way you can assist.  If you have time to spare, please talk to your neighbors and friends about me and my goal to bring teamWork to the Treasurer’s Office.  Call or email me for materials to hand out or invite me to your local networking or rotary meeting.   Would you be willing to put a campaign sign outside your home or business?  I have signs and can get some to you.  Do you have a few dollars to contribute to cover the costs of signs and materials?  Campaigns are expensive and every $1 is appreciated.  I need your patience, practice, and perseverance to help me RESTORE TRUST to the Treasurer’s Office.  Please join my Crew and my effort to become South Carolina’s next Treasurer.