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How lives are like quilts

Since starting my own business and running for public office I have had the opportunity to see more of South Carolina than I ever have had the opportunity to see before.  The journey that has brought me to where I am today has been beautiful and challenging.  Nevertheless, running for office is something more than a journey. Quilting 2

I realized today at the York County Quilters Guild Exhibition that my life, really all life, is a journey.  Yet, in that journey I’ve collected bits of people I’ve met, places I’ve lived, experiences I’ve had, and all these bits and pieces come together to make me, me.  The vision of the journey shifted while I wandered the isles of quilts.  With this time for self reflection, surrounded by the artistry of fabric, I changed my perception of life as a journey, into a quilt.  I’m a living fabric, a portable version of memories and hope, a work of persistence and determination.  It is hard to look at a quilt and not see the wit and patience of it’s maker.  I hope that when people look and talk to me I hope they see the pristine needlework AND the squares where the corners don’t match.

These were just my musings today and I wanted to share some of the beautiful work that has been done by the men and women of York County, SC.  If you get an opportunity to attend, I highly recommend it! The show is at: 1965 Cinema Drive, Rock Hill from 9 am – 4 pm September 21 & 22, 2018.

Quilting 3

If you haven’t guessed yet… I’m a lover of quilts and a bit of a fabric fan too!


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